Google translate our blog!

Because our project leader Uwe Schindler is from Germany, we are used to communicate in English. But, every now and then we might blog in Norwegian as well. So, the new feature on this blog is Google translate so that other teams on an international scale can follow us and read everything in the language most suitable for them. Hope it will come to good use. Speaking of Google; we did a Google search on the DNV Fuel Fighter yesterday and most say that the car absolutely has got a lot of history connected to its name. There is more to come, thats for sure.Have a nice day!

Do you think you will use Google translate to follow this blog?

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0, Trondheim

Shell Eco-marathon er en internasjonal konkurranse for studenter, der man konkurrerer i bygge en bil som kan kjre s langt som mulig p en energiekvivalent tilsvarende en liter bensin. Vi fra NTNU stiller i r som tidligere r med kun ett ml for yet: en ny verdensrekord. Bilen vi bygger, DNV Fuel Fighter, er bde energieffektiv og teknologisk unik. Flg med oss helt frem til mlstreken!