Presentation of the 2011 team members continues...


Today we are presenting one of the mechanical students and one of the cybernetic students in the team.

First out is Aksel Qviller - Master student in Engineering and ICT.


The picture shows Aksel working on the steering while we were testing the car in Nidarøhallen.

Aksel is responsible for the suspension and the brakes, and is working getting the parts designed and manufactured. Aksel is skilled in computer aided design (CAD), and has a lot of knowledge on the mechanical connections in the systems.


The next team member we are presenting is Jardar Øverby - Master student in Cybernetics

His main responsibility is the control system. He is working on new concepts for the power supply to the engine, and the algorithms for starting and stopping the car. He is programming and developing software as well as setting up the physical parts in the control system.

In the picture Jardar (to the left) and Mats are working on the electronics in the back of the car. They are trying to organize the wiring so that it will be easy to follow the connections.

Stay tuned for more of the team members in DNV Fuel Fighter 2011


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0, Trondheim

Shell Eco-marathon er en internasjonal konkurranse for studenter, der man konkurrerer i å bygge en bil som kan kjøre så langt som mulig på en energiekvivalent tilsvarende en liter bensin. Vi fra NTNU stiller i år som tidligere år med kun ett mål for øyet: en ny verdensrekord. Bilen vi bygger, DNV Fuel Fighter, er både energieffektiv og teknologisk unik. Følg med oss helt frem til målstreken!