More team members: Uwe and Alexander


In today's post we present two key team members: Uwe Schindler and Alexander Welland.

Uwe is doing a Master's degree in Project Management at NTNU, and is naturally the project manager. Uwe keeps track of the budget and the project status.Uwe is, luckily for the team,very engaged inplanning, and keeps the team updated on milestones and critical issues. Sadly for Uwe, being a project manager usually means focusing on the problem areas of a project - it can be stressful and cause lack of sleep. That's no wonder: project managers gets the blame if projects fail.

Uwe is German, so we have an unspoken rule in the team to speak English whenever Uwe is present (which is basically always). If we forget to speak English,Uwe still understands a lot of Norwegian - he even speaks some himself.

Picture above: Uwe paying close attention during car test in Nidarhallen

Alexander doing a Master's degree in Global Technology Management. Alexander already has a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in Operation- and Maintenance Management. Alexander is the team's Systems Engineer.

Alexander job is to make sure that the overall system will fit together and work in the end. Systems Engineering is critical in a project where 21 people work together to build a car. If one person changes a part, someone else is usually affected by it. Alexander's job is to make us aware of this, point to critical interfaces and show us tools and methods to handle this important issue. Communication is key!

Picture above:Jardar and Alexander discusses the different electrical connections.

Stay tuned for more team member presentations!

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