Team members: Sigri and Tim

Hello everyone!

Today we will present the last of the full-time members of our team. They are both Mechanical engineers and are writing their master?s thesis about the DNV Fuel Fighter car this semester. They are the carbon fiber experts of the team and are responsible for all production of carbon fiber parts for the car.

Sigri Halsteinslid Bleie

Sigri is 23 years old from Bergen and proudly represents the female part of the office. Her field of specialization is product development and materials and she has chosen to focus on polymers and composites the last years of her study.

Picture above: Sigri ignites gas to fix a tire to one of the old rims

Sigri joined the DNV Fuel Fighter project after Christmas and has since then worked with the rims as her main responsibility. She is also responsible for the interior of the car and organizing the journey to the race in Germany.

Picture above: Sigri checking for leeks in a vacuum bag

After weeks of planning and preparation she just (10 minutes ago!) started the production of the fist carbon fiber rim. For all of you that are interested in this work an article dedicated to this will be posted later.

Tim Mjellem Stockfleth

Tim is 24 years old and from the town of Oslo. He is also specializing in product development and materials and has been a full-time member of the DNV Fuel Fighter team since the fall of 2010.

Picture above: Tim separating the powerful engine magnets

His main responsibilities this semester is the production of a new tail extension for the car and the mechanical parts of the electrical engine. He also has the overall responsibility for the car body and the organization of the workshop.

He has so far this year, with good help from Sigri, produced the tail extension in carbon fiber and is at the moment focused on and producing the engine wheel and following up the external production of engine parts.

Picture above: Tim and the newly produced tail extension

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