Early Christmas eve in the electronics department

In the control systems department we received our main order of electronic components today. Jippi! Mats and Jardar immediately turned into small kids, tearing the boxes and envelopes to discover all the little plastic bags containing everything from new cables to small integrated circuits. A quick overview, and a few random samples suggests that things seem according to the specifications. This is just like Christmas eve, only with no soft packages, just small toys for big boys. Time to start assembling things.

That concludes this weeks efforts on our beloved DNV Fuel Fighter. Next week we will start the presentation of all the good and irreplaceable people that are contributing to the car through different part time involvements. In other words stay tuned for more and have a nice weekend everyone.

PS. Sigri also got a package today. :)

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0, Trondheim

Shell Eco-marathon er en internasjonal konkurranse for studenter, der man konkurrerer i bygge en bil som kan kjre s langt som mulig p en energiekvivalent tilsvarende en liter bensin. Vi fra NTNU stiller i r som tidligere r med kun ett ml for yet: en ny verdensrekord. Bilen vi bygger, DNV Fuel Fighter, er bde energieffektiv og teknologisk unik. Flg med oss helt frem til mlstreken!