Some action in the workshop!!


Today we had great progress in the workshop! We made one test rim on Friday, and the result looked good. (more info about the rims in a later post!)

After completing the first rim, the exiting part remained in pressure testing the rim. We are driving with 5 bar in the tires in the competition, so we wanted to test it up to at least 7 bar..or perhaps until destruction....

All the guys had seen tires exploding before, and was worried the rim could crack up and hurt someone. So er wanted to be on the safe side while testing the wheel.

This picture is from last year when they did destruction tests on the wheels. Looks pretty dangerous, or what..?

We started out trying to connect the valve in the wheel to a long hose, so that we would be in a safe distance.. This is what they did last year, as you could see.

But we couldn't connect the hose to the pressured air, so we had to do it with the bicycle pump, hiding behind the door..

The team was a bit afraid that the tire would explode, so Jardar pumped behind the door, Tim and Sigri was hiding behind the parked cars outside, and former team member Chris (right in the picture above and below) hid behind Jardar.

As Jardar pumped, the pressure increased to 4 bar, to 5 bar and 6 bar, and we were all waiting for the big bang...

But the wheel didn't explode, or implode, or crack.. The pressure was at 7 bar, and we decided to stop increasing the pressure. We brougth the wheel inside, and let it hold 5 bar the rest of the day. So far it looks good, no decreased pressure - so no leakage. Hopefully.

Tim and Sigri were so exited about this perfect rim that they started making a second rim ring in the workshop at once..

More on the process of developing, designing and making the rim will come later, so stay tuned people!

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28.mar.2011 kl.19:39

Hei Hei,

nice progress! It is good getting such news when sitting sick at home.

Good job,



28.mar.2011 kl.23:18

Thank you Uwe! I was very happy when it turned out so good! :) Although it was expected.. :D


28.mar.2011 kl.23:24

A rim that doesn't explode? Not even a tiny burst? I'm so proud of you!!!

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