Going to SmartMotor - with a not so smart motor.

So, yesterday Jardar, Aksel, Fredrik, Alexander and Mats went toSmartMotor. SmartMotor are experts on electrical engines and control circuits. They sponsor the team with test facilities and support, and yesterday we had a goal of testing the newly assembled engine!

Here's the engine fitted to the test rig. Aksel made a custom adapter to mount our engine to the SmartMotor rig.

The engine is tested back-to-back with another reference engine. With known load we can calibrate the engine to make it as efficient as possible.

Aksel's adapter is quite adjustable, making it easy to fit the engine to the test rig. It is also really strong (steel!), keeping the engine stable.

After setting up the rig, the kind people at SmartMotor did some measurements and did some fancy calculations in an excel sheet. Using the reference engine, we gently spun our engine up to speed to make sure everything was running smoothly. We felt rather confident that our engine would work technically, since we are using the working stator from last year. It was still very pleasing to see that it worked well mechanically :)

Then came the moment we were waiting for: Loading the engine and making it spin by its own power. This proved to be no problem at all, and the engine spun beautifully!

Unfortunately, something came loose inside the engine during the testing and made some rather bad noises. We therefore aborted the testing - we didn't want to risk damaging the engine. We took the engine apart when we came back to the workshop, and luckily there was only a small safety pin that had loosened and was rattling around - no damage done!

It was a little disappointing not being able to test the engine fully yesterday, but we will go back to SmartMotor tomorrow. Hopefully things will work out better then - fingers crossed!

Stay tuned!

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rolv marius faleide

21.apr.2011 kl.20:57

how did the testing go?

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