Red letter day


Yesterday was a very significant day and marked a major milestone in our project. Being the end of a long chapter, this opens a whole new act where the efforts of people spanning the team, assistants, designers, manufacturers, sponsors and the senior engineers on our workshop and campus will actually manifest on the race track in Lausitz, Germany, in the form of the beautiful DNV Fuel Fighter (phew).

Off to Germany... (actually it's from a static brake test we had earlier this week)

What happened on Friday was a multitude of engaging events. There was a lot off stuff to pack: Tools, car, engine, wheels, tyres, ball bearings, spare parts, camping equipment; safety equipment, all according to a meticulously prepared packing list. And to top it all, we had a last test run, because we could.

We only use testing fascilities under agreement with the local authorities. Sometimes there are a couple of suprises, like this day, of course, the fence on Nidarbanen was locked. Luckily we had great help from additional students from the Revolve NTNU team (participating in the Formula Student competition soon) to carry our baby across the fence:

Testing always takes time. There is a lot of equipment to pack (in addition to the packing for the trip to Germany), no tools forget (or the efforts are all gone to waste), transportation, and checks, check, and checks.

Feeling like an astronaut....

Shicanes were ignored by driver and crew, those are for the Prototype class.

Some problems were discovered, but it helped us get a better view of what remains to be done and perfected on our vehicle.

Good mood after the test run, still packing

And all the excitement!

Do we need this?

Can I bring this?

Quite a few people on the team play the guitar, so we had to bring that as well

Loading the trailer to the brim

After a long day doing said stuff, we were finally done packing, and ready to go to Germany!

Uwe, Alexander, Mats and Jardar are our drivers and will drive through the night to Oslo, and take the ferry to Kiel. Sigri, Aksel and Lotte will travel by air on sunday afternoon, and land in Berlin in the evening and meet with the drivers. Tim, Hkon, Silje, Timm and Kristina (DNV representative) will travel separately.

Seen the count down on the top of our blog? That's when the camping site on EuroSpeedway Lausitz opens, and we hope to be there shortly after.


If you see this, you know who we are :D

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Shell Eco-marathon er en internasjonal konkurranse for studenter, der man konkurrerer i bygge en bil som kan kjre s langt som mulig p en energiekvivalent tilsvarende en liter bensin. Vi fra NTNU stiller i r som tidligere r med kun ett ml for yet: en ny verdensrekord. Bilen vi bygger, DNV Fuel Fighter, er bde energieffektiv og teknologisk unik. Flg med oss helt frem til mlstreken! PR- media manager: Phone: 98039305